Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hi everyone.
This blog was going to be entitled "Oh Crappy Day" for the following reasons:
1. BUSY beyond belief day at work
2. Half way through said BUSY beyond relief day, hubby texts me to say the car is poorly and is now at the car fixers (our friend BIG Dave)
3. I'd totally forgotten to do this card for the Lacy Sunshine challenge, so did a very rushed job
4. In a rush, I took a totally crappy photo!
5. I walked into a door last night and my head is still pounding.
6. It's pouring down with rain and I have to go out in it again to make a deliver I forgot earlier.

However....hubby has just walked through the front door and told me that the brother of one of his work colleagues was rushed into hospital last night, and has sadly passed away today. So sudden, so sad.
Makes all my little troubles seem really insignificant now.
So I'm feeling humbled and hugely grateful for everything I have, looking on the brighter side of life.

The card is made using Wilkes the Pirate and Parrot Whiskey which I've coloured in (rather badly) with Promarkers. The background is a lovely digipaper, with a computer-generated sentiment.

That's it from me.
Fiona xx
Challenge entered: Anything goes

1 comment: said...

Fiona sounds like you day went from bad to worse. The card is gorgeous though even if you did rush it. Love Alison xx